Report: Grixis Delver – by Conor McCormack at Eudo 7/10

Eudo Legacy 7/10/2017

Hey folks, I’m going to try to start writing one of these a week for Bay Area Eteral’s website.  We’re pretty blessed in the BAE area, with several shops offering weekly events on different nights of the week.  Most of them allow 10-15 proxies, which makes switching decks and tuning for the metagame much easier.  That said, I’ll be starting on Grixis Delver and we’ll see where it goes from there.

Here’s the first, played at a 4 Rounder at Eudemonia on 7/10/2017.


4x Delver of Secrets
4x Deathrite Shaman
1x Grim Lavamancer
4x Young Pyromancer
1x Gurmag Angler

4x Brainstorm
2x Spell Pierce
4x Lightning Bolt
1x Dismember
4x Daze
4x Force of Will

4x Gitaxian Probe
4x Ponder
1x Forked Bolt

3x Volcanic Island
2x Underground Sea
1x Tropical Island
2x Polluted Delta
2x Flooded Strand
2x Scalding Tarn
2x Misty Rainforest
4x Wasteland


3x Cabal Therapy
2x Pyroblast
2x Flusterstorm
2x Surgical Extraction
1x Grim Lavamancer
1x Darkblast
1x Blazing Volley
1x Ancient Grudge
1x Umezawa’s Jitte
1x Grafdigger’s Cage


A couple notes before the first round report.  Eudo has tons of Thalia, Guardian of Thraben running around.  She’s one of my all time favorite cards, but it’s Grixis tonight, so I have to plan to beat her.  Maindeck Lavamancer and Forked Bolt help, and the board has extra hate for small creatures too, with a second Lavamancer, Darkblast, Blazing Volley, and a Jitte.


Round 1 vs. ANT

Game 1: I’m on the play and we both mull to 6.  I’m not sure what I’m up against, and my 6 of Strand, Strand, Lightning Bolt, Forked Bolt, Ponder, Spell Pierce looks like it has game against many decks.  I have a daze on top, which I leave, and go Fetch pass.  He duresses me, Pierce to hide my hand and bluff more action.  I draw not action, and I get Tendrils’d to death in 2 turns.

Game 2: I keep Ponder, Daze, Pyromancer, Therapy, Blazing Volley (for Empty tokens, Bob, Xantid, Ghirapur), Wasteland, Trop.  I ponder into a Fetchland to set up Pyromancer.  He Duresses my Cabal Therapy, but I untap and start making tokens with cantrips and holding up countermagic for his cantrips.  He dies to Pyromancer, tokens, and unflipped Delver.

Game 3:  We’re both on 6 cards again, I keep Pyromancer, Therapy, Probe, Fluster, Trop, Wasteland with Pierce on top.  For some reason tonight, I keep drawing that stupid Tropical Island in my openers.  He leads on a Fetchland, and I play Trop.  He Ponders, I pierce.  Next turn he Brainstorms, I Flusterstorm it, leaving him with Surgical Extraction, Lotus Petal and a mystery card.  We both stumble on lands and eventually he Therapies my Pyromancer, and then Surgically Extracts them, leaving me with 9 creatures in the deck.  Several turns go by with us just spinning the wheels.  I eventually untap with a DRS and cast a Delver, and he’s forced to dump Infernal Tutor for Pyroclasm.  A couple turns later I get another DRS but he has a Fatal Push.  More boring turns pass, and I find the last DRS that will kill him on turn 5 of turns.

Results: 2/1 in the match, for a record of 1/0.

Round 2 vs. Merfolk

Game 1: I don’t know what he’s on, but I mulligan 5 lands, Pierce, DRS, and then mulligan 4 lands DRS, to see Pyromancer, Probe, Force, Volcanic, and that damned Tropical again.  I see a Force on top, which I leave, because that gives my turn 2 Pyromancer, Probe into Force back up.  That’s what I do, and then I force his turn 2 Chalice for 1 off a Cavern on Merfolk.  I draw Ponder into Grim Lavancer, Delver, DRS, attack for 4, and somehow I’m in a commanding position.  His draw of double Smuggler’s Copter looks silly, and I scrape game 1 away.

Game 2:  I keep Spell Pierce, Delver, Probe, 2 Fetches, Wasteland and that god forsaken Tropical Island.  The hand isn’t great, but it has mana + Delver + a way to counter a Chalice on 1.  He leads on Vial, I probe, see Chalice, and have to leave mana up to counter it.  I get a poor start (the hand was probably too weak to keep), but True-Name comes down through a Vial and makes me think that maybe I just wasn’t winning this game no matter what I did.  Then it picks up a Jitte, and another True Name comes down, and I cannot win.

Game 3:  I keep 2 DRS, 2 Fetches, Bolt.  Both DRSs stick and I draw 2 more bolts which murder a few things and give me hope, but his Jitte comes down again.  He puts it on a Master of the Pearl Trident, then clones it with a Phantasmal Image and there’s not much I can do.

Results: 1/2 in the match, for a record of 1/1.

Round 3 vs. Grixis Pyromancer

Game 1:  He wins the roll, plays Deathrite.  I play the maindeck Lavamancer off a fetchland instead of casting DRS, hoping for the dream, but it gets Fatal Pushed (so sad).  I later play the Deathrite but it gets Bolted, and soon his Gurmag Angler kills me.

Game 2: I mull and keep Probe, DRS, Brainstorm, Ponder, Fetch, and that damn Tropical Island.  At least it can cast DRS, so I do that.  I don’t fetch, 1 because I don’t know which color I’ll need, but 2 because I like to feign not having Fetchlands when I cast turn 1 DRS when possible.  It can sometimes induce an opponent to also not fetch, in hopes of screwing you out of a mana, which can put them in an awkward spot.  Anywho, he plays Explosives on 1.  I ponder into Pyromancer, so I let Explosives eat the Deathrite with no activation.  I get a little army of Pyromancer tokens and I win!

Game 3:  Grindy AF.  We kill each other’s creatures, and I take him off red mana for quite a while.  I end up holding a Pyromancer because I’ve seen a Fatal Push (and a Force) in his hand  He has 2 mystery cards.  I end up drawing Pyroblast, and then Gurmag Angler with enough mana to cast it all on the turn I draw Angler.  I fetch up the second Volcanic, and cast Pyromancer.  My plan is to go Pyromancer, Angler, and then Blast the Force that he will surely use to counter Angler.  If he sequences poorly, I’ll even get a token out of the deal, and that might just be enough.  Instead, he tanks when I cast the Pyromancer.  He Forces it, leaving him with Push + Mystery Card, and I cast Angler stranding the Push in his hand, leaving me with the Ace Pyroblast up my sleeve for later.  Angler starts crashing in for damage, but he’s got a DRS that wants to race as best it can.  Soon it’s joined by another DRS which tilts the game in his favor… until I draw Jitte.  He plays a Snapcaster to hopefully do something, but I still have the Pyroblast and he can’t beat Angler with Jitte.

Results: 1/2 in the match, for a record of 2/1.

Round 4 vs. Infect

Game 1:  He wins the roll, and I keep DRS, Delver, Pierce, 3 Fetches and an Underground.  Not the greatest hand, but it’s got the 2 good turn 1 plays with some countermagic.  In my head I hope that Brainstorm will show up to shuffle away some of those lands, but that is not to be.  He Probes me and sees the somewhat awkward hand, and plays Inkmoth Nexus.  I rip Wasteland, and play it to see if it wins me the game right then and there.  It doesn’t, because he plays another Inkmoth.  I play DRS first, thinking I’ll need the mana more than the damage and early flying blocker.  I am proven right after winning a big counter war over a pump spell and the game is mine.

Game 2:  I keep Delver, DRS, Pierce, Blazing Volley, Gurmag, Fetch, Volcanic.  I doubt I’ll use the Gurmag this game, but even without it the hand is gas.  He mulligans to 5, and plays a Glistener Elf off a Pendlehaven.  I take a moment to think if it’s possible if he can kill me next turn.  It is indeed possible, but unlikely, so I deploy the Deathrite.  I start playing guys, while holding up countermagic, and he just can’t do much on the mull to 5.  Eventually he’s in chump block mode, and Delver and DRS go the distance.

Results: 2/1 in the match, for a record of 3/1.

– – –

Afterthoughts:  Having the creature hate paid off.  While I didn’t play against any Thalias, I got decent value from Grim Lavamancer and Forked Bolt.  The sideboard cards came in handy, too.  I hadn’t used Blazing Volley before, but it’ll probably become a pretty regular piece of sideboard tech for me.  You lose the Instant speed of Electrickery, but you save a mana when you want to hit everything, and mana is so precious Legacy that Volley gets the nod here.  That’s all for now!