Aggro Loam with Ryan Wilkerson at CFB 4k (March) – 15th Place!

Hey guys! I mentioned in my last post that I made 15th at the 126 person 4K at ChannelFireball game center in my last post. Here’s a rundown of my matches for the day and my list of course.



4 Verdant Catacombs

2 Windswept Heath

2 Bayou

1 Scrubland

1 Savannah

1 Taiga

1 Badland

1 Forest

4 Wasteland

1 Ghost Quarter

3 Grove of the Burnwillows

1 Barren Moor

1 Tranquil Thicket

1 Cabal Pit

1 Maze of Ith

1 Karakas

1 Dryad Arbor


4 Mox Diamond

4 Chalice of the Void


4 Dark Confidant

4 Knight of the Reliquary

1 Gaddock Teeg

1 Scavenging Ooze


3 Liliana of the Veil

Other Spells:12

4 Abrupt Decay

3 Punishing Fire

2 Life from the Loam

2 Green Sun’s Zenith

1 Sylvan Library


3 Leyline of the Void

2 Swords to Plowshares

2 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben

1 Reclamation Sage

2 Golgari Charm

1 Toxic Deluge

1 Liliana, the Last Hope

1 Ajani Vengeant

1 Garruk Relentless

1 Vindicate (or Justification in my case)

Round 1: Sam – TurboDepths

Game 1: I keep a hand of bayou, grove, decay, bob, some LotVs and a KotR. Sam goes Urborg into duress and takes decay. I see urborg and I put him on pox, which was dumb because pox doesn’t run duress, I’ve just been seeing it frequently at my LGS and wasn’t paying attention. I draw wasteland and waste his urborg. Which leaves me defenseless for the depths + stage + fast mana in the next few turns

SB: +2 StP, +1 Vindicate, +1 Rec Sage, + 2 Charm (safekeeper is very annoying), -3 pfires, -1 teeg, -1 scooze, -1 library

Game 2: Turn 1 chalice for 1 is always good, followed by Bob and then a Knight with plenty of lands to turn into wastelands seals the game pretty quickly

Game 3: Mull a hand of 2x grove, 1 verdant, chalice, bob, decay, barren moor to get maze, GQ, grove, tranquil, verdant, GSZ. Keep it and don’t remember what I put on top. Sam goes needle on turn one naming wasteland and I follow up with the GQ. This delays him for several turns which gives me time to draw into a Bob and he tries to play the hexmage beats game which doesn’t end up getting there. Bonus points for my opponent commenting running a 1 drop in a chalice deck (after he saw the StP revealed to Bob)

Match: 2-1, Record 1-0

Round 2: Donny – ANT

Game 1: I know Donny personally and new he was on ANT today which definitely was reflected in my keep on the play of 2x wasteland, scrubland, bob, TEEG!, 2 LotV because I know if I draw a green source in a turn or two I’ve likely won. I play scrubland and pass, he duress’s me and takes a lili but sees the teeg. I draw chalice for my 2nd turn so I play that on 1 and he dazes (yes daze) the chalice, leaving me a little dumbfounded. He cantrips on his next turn and then I draw mox on my 3rd turn, play it pitching the 2nd wasteland, allowing me to resolve teeg and he scoops.

SB: +3 Leylines, +2 Thalia, +2 Charm, + 1 Toxic, -1 Maze, -2 Loam, -3 Pfires, -2 Decay

Game 2: Hand has no mox, but a chalice, teeg, bob, and maybe a KotR. Not great but most storm decks slow down a bit post board so with teeg and bob I was hoping to slow him down and draw to more disruption. I turn 1 chalice for 0, and he goes for goblins on turn 2, 10 I believe. I play teeg and block a goblin, going to 11. I draw library and play it since I have a higher likelihood of hitting a sweeper with it, and after going to 3 on the goblin crackback I find charm on the first library activation and sweep him. From there I play a KotR out and clean up the game before he can recover.

Match: 2-0, Record 2-0

Round 3: Michael – ANT

Game 1: Also know this guy fairly well and know he’s on ANT today, keep a hand with some chalices and he turned 1 me. Well I say that, but he accidently sequenced wrong and fucked up his Dark Petition by not having spell mastery. We laugh through it and he gets a different card then proceeds to kill me turn 2 with a chalice on 0. After the embarrassing win he shows me he could have done it turn 1 and wasn’t paying attention and messed it up, no worries.

SB: Same as Round 2

Game 2: on the play have lands, leyline, a chalice, etc. So I keep and leyline before game and play a land pass hoping to have a more impactful chalice on 1 the next turn. Get turn 1’d again. Oh well, these things happen. He ends up making top 8 so it helps my breakers a ton.

Match: 0-2, Record 2-1

Round 4: Matt – UR delver

Game 1: Finally going blind into a match for the first time in awhile, I keep a hand with a kotr but no white mana, but it had a pfire, grove, decay and black and red sources so I thought it’d be an ok keep in the blind since it’s disruptive. Wellllll the ol’ blue burn deck does what it does and while I pfire down his creatures he ends up sticking a TNN before I can find a way to deal with it or race with KotR.

SB: +2 Thalia, +2 StP, +1 Ajani, +1 Garruk, +2 Charm, -1 Library, -1 Teeg, -2 Loam, -4 Bob

Game 2: Turn 1 Thalia slows him down, and I choose to regenerate it on the 2nd turn when he bolts it, which in hind sight was probably a bad move. My mana is all there but all very nonbasic and I get raced by a PoP and TNN before I can put up much of a fight.

Match: 0-2, Record 2-2

Round 5: Nick – Burn

Game 1: On the draw, mountain + goblin guide = shit shit shit I don’t like playing against burn. I don’t have a chalice in hand and while I end up with grove + pfire to deal with his creatures he ends up bolting me to death.

SB: +2 Thalia, +2 StP, +2 Charm, -4 Bob, -2 Loam

Game 2: No mox in hand but I have chalice and grove + pfire to deal with his threat. He gets locked behind chalice and was ticking up LotV to empty his hand. Land 3 wastelands that are eyeballing my nonbasics and I play a KotR to finish. While at like 6 life my opponent makes several sequencing errors with a PoP in hand that would have killed me. He tried to searing blaze my KotR and allowed me to wasteland myself in response to save it, after the wasteland resolved he then tried to PoP instead of with the wasteland trigger on the stack which would have hit me for more damage. He’s empty handed and while I end up at 2 from a rift bolt later on he searing blazes me without landfall to put me at 1 and wifs on his last draw.

Game 3: Beautiful hand of mox, mox, land, land, fetch, decay, gsz. Just need something to go with this rock solid manabase. He turn 1 guides and I see kotr. So after drawing it on my first turn I fetch for forest, mox + mox, here’s a 5/5 KotR on turn 1, best of luck. A woman swooned in the crowd from how amazing it was. At least that’s how I felt. He attacks with the guide and I don’t block because I’m not going to lose this nice lady to a bolt, he misses a land drop and suspends rift bolt. I go to my turn and draw teeg, play it, then gsz for 0 to get arbor and pass. He rift bolts KotR (???) and then tries to chain lightning it, which of course I respond by sacking arbor to KotR to get a fetch and fetch and leaves him befuddled looking at my 7/7 knight that then runs him over the next couple of turns.

Match: 2-1, Record 3-2

Round 6: Sergei – ANT

Game 1: Third round of ANT today, always nerve wracking. I drop a chalice on 0 to slow him down and then follow up with a bob but not much fast pressure. Hoping to hit a GSZ or chalice to lock it up some more. End up drawing a chalice and playing it on 2 and feeling pretty good. Well JK fuck you Ryan, he ad naus’s with 15 life off a dark rit with a land drop to make. Finds more dark rits and casts his LEDs and lotuses into the chalice to build storm and natural tendrils me from hand. Well shucks.

SB: same as round 2 and 3

Game 2: I’m not super familiar with how this game played out, though I’m pretty sure it involved teeg, kotr, and some chalices. I get there as my lifepad shows me not losing any life.

Game 3: What a fucking slog, I start with a double leyline hand, lili, bob, and a chalice. Not super great but leyline definitely screws up their primary gameplan of the past in flames lines and neuters cabal ritual to an extent. I get a chalice out and a teeg + kotr before he ad naus’s, putting himself at 7 and basically having a cantrip but interaction (push, decay, echoing truth) heavy hand. The push get’s aimed at the kotr to stop himself from dying and he echos the chalice (I’m down on land after KotR into wastelanding him once) and then decays the teeg leaving me pretty vulnerable. I’m on mox diamond and a bayou with the chalice on 1 I think when I get it back down. I draw gsz into an arbor since teeg is dead and then he goes for an empty line for 14, losing his whole hand. I rip toxic off the top and hit his whole field and follow up with a Lili to start making him discard until I find a KotR to end the game.

Match: 2-1, Record 4-2

Round 7: Alex – BUG delver

Game 1: Get delvered pretty good, he deploys threats a bit faster than I can answer, I think it was a delver, 2 DRSs, and 2 goyfs, and a Liliana of the veil. My library gets decayed as well as my KotR and I get run over. Sad times.

SB: +2 Thalia, +2 StP, +1 LtLH, +1 Vindicate, +1 Toxic, -1 mox, -2 chalice, -1 teeg, -1 library, -1 LotV

Game 2: Because I didn’t see TNN and saw goyf as his primary beater I didn’t bring in the charms. This matchup feels like an intersection of grixis delver and pile sometimes since it’s a more midrange delver strategy. With that in mind I know that it’s a priority to establish my manabase first. My opener is grove, taiga, gsz, barren moor, decay, pfire, stp I think, though it’s not super relevant. I GSZ for 0 off the taiga to get dryad, he plays wasteland, doesn’t waste and passes. I recognize that he’s looking for a better target than dryad or taiga so I play out the barren moor to hopefully show my lack of black and protect the grove. He bites by wastelanding that while I draw up on more removal and lands. StP a goyf and pfire a DRS. He’s eyeballing the pfire in my hand so I wait until I draw a second grove to start recurring it as I put him on surgical in hand. He decays a KotR I play and then surgicals it instead while I beat face with a single pfire loop a turn and dryad beats before GSZ into scooze and a thalia help end the game.

SB: -2 Thalia, +1 Ajani, +1 Garruk

Game 3: Took out the Thalias on the draw as I’m generally behind on lands and BUG delver tends to run more lands than other delver variants so the tax is a little less relevant. Garruk gums up the board with wolves and Ajani can blank a creature or helix it so I thought they’d be more effective (didn’t see either this game so it doesn’t matter). We trade removal and wastelands while my manabase slowly takes shape. He plays a Liliana of the veil and I discard some unnecessary lands to it while he discards much more relevant cards than me before I decay it and pass to my turn where I play a giant KotR. He has 4-5 lands so KotR into wastelands isn’t going to be super effective. I attack and he fatal pushes but he doesn’t have an answer to the second KotR that kills him. I really don’t think LotV is particularly good in these BUG shells that can’t make up for the card loss like loam can with pfires/loam. His own Lili definitely lost him that game.

Match: 2-1, Final Record 5-2

My breakers are very good as my two losses both did very well and I place 15th, good for $100.

I’m very happy with my current list and probably wouldn’t change anything at the moment. I’ve been convinced in recent weeks that Tabernacle is very likely a better card than Deluge in that slot of my sideboard but I just spent all my extra funds finishing the foiling on this deck so I probably won’t be picking up one anytime soon.